Our Mission

Mangalam Center explores new ways of bringing wisdom to the modern world. We embrace Buddhist, spiritual, secular, and integrated approaches to learning about our mind and ourselves, opening as many doors as possible to the means of healing and transformation.

Our goal is to communicate the heart of traditional teachings in an accessible way, while still maintaining their depth and authenticity. Recognizing the difficulty of translating ideas across time, cultures, and communities, we focus on having conversations and asking questions. We also emphasize bringing meditation or mindfulness practice into ordinary activities, to allow our own embodied experience to guide our understanding.

Mangalam Center is rooted in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and the teachings of Tarthang Tulku. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our Offerings

Mangalam Center is a place to learn, grow, and explore the mind. We host courses, lectures and other public events for the local Berkeley community and for students and scholars.

Mangalam’s free events include film and lecture series, Dharma talks, and 2nd Fridays, a monthly gathering focused on community, mindfulness and the arts.

The Center for Creative Inquiry (CCI) sponsors activities related to secular mindfulness and inquiry-based practices. Its guiding vision is the Time, Space, Knowledge Vision, which was developed by Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku for the needs of modern times. CCI also offers Full Presence Mindfulness programs for all experience levels, including retreats, 1-day workshops, 8-week classes and weekly drop-in open mindfulness sits.

Mangalam Research Center (MRC) offers scholarly programs and lectures in the fields of Buddhist studies, Asian studies, and translation studies, with a special emphasis on Buddhist modernism and Buddhism in dialogue with other fields. Its summer language intensives in Classical Tibetan and Sanskrit cover one year of graduate level language coursework in 8 weeks. MRC has also launched a publishing unit, Mangalam Press.

Our Community

Mangalam Center is home to the Mindful Living Program, a thriving community of resident practitioners. Mangalam is also part of the broader Nyingma Mandala, a network of organizations founded by Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku.

Our Partners

Mangalam Center is affiliated with our neighbor, Dharma College, which offers a co-working space as well as courses that explore the mind and self.