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Amira-Sade Moodie is a visual artist and creative writer. Amira moved from the east coast to join the program with the intention of exploring the different layers of what it means to be present and how to incorporate that into her art and daily life. Being a part of the community has not only allowed her to explore different aspects of meditation and Buddhism, but has also allowed her to explore her internal world and place herself in new and empowering roles. Amira has played a key role in developing a meditation zine called In Visible Mind and is also co-creating and facilitating a bi-weekly cinema series. She hopes to continue to weave together elements of mindfulness, spirituality, child development, visual arts, storytelling, and social and environmental justice.

Amira-Sade Moodie

Mindful Living 2019
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Wei-Li King (they/them & he/him) is a first-generation Asian-American storyteller, connector and student of life with deep interests in cooperative living, self-organizing structures, and radical self-care. His 7 years of work in the tech as an engineer and entrepreneur has informed his concern for capitalism. This concern turned his focus towards spiritual activism and cultivating wisdom traditions. At Mangalam, Wei-Li is a facilitator of the Mindful Art Gallery and community advocate for partnerships and programs.

Wei-Li King

Mindful Living 2019
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Dominique is a Bay Area native and artist who has traveled and lived all over the country. Her focus has been on living and working in different places that support spiritual and/or artistic experiences and growth. Mangalam Center has been the perfect place to experience the blend of mindfulness practices, the space to work on art, as well as work on exciting and challenging projects that provide something positive to the local community. As a member of the Mindful Living Program, she has been most involved with developing and curating the mindful art gallery and exhibition.

Dominique Nevraumont

Mindful Living 2019
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Before Mindful Living, I had already studied some of Tarthang Tulku’s teachings. I wanted the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the non-dual approach of Full Presence Mindfulness, Buddhism, and other topics with community rather than by myself. I was able to take classes and design and work on projects I was passionate about, like the Mindful Art Project, In-visible Mind zine, and Buddhist Inspired Cinema. I found a beautiful center with a lot of potential to share; the work space and dynamic were carefully assisted by the facilitators. Living and working with a cohort is intense and challenging, but the program allows for introspection and to work together to live in balance. Some of my passions are music, art, film, Buddhism and psychology.

Ignacio Ercole

Mindful Living 2019