Mindful Art Gallery

The Hidden Heart of Freedom
October 12th – November 9th, 2019


We believe that art, when created with intention and mindfulness, can offer a deeper connection to states of peace, mindfulness and expansion of the mind. The creativity inside our hearts is the key to connecting to this world in a playful, non-reactive way. Freedom is tapping into our true hearts, which are spacious, expansive, and full of creative energy.



Open Call for Conscious Art

The Mindful Art Gallery is an exhibition space in Downtown Berkeley, California exploring the intersection of mindfulness and creativity. We envision a gallery that supports both artists and viewers on their spiritual journey, an oasis of peace and contemplation.

Our inaugural show, “The Hidden Heart of Freedom” will be open to the public from September 13th to October 11th, 2019.

Do you feel a connection in your life between mindfulness and creativity? Does your artwork speak to a presence of mindfulness inside yourself or among artists and the community?

We invite you to submit your work to the Mangalam Center Mindful Art Gallery’s “Hidden Heart of Freedom” showcase.


Mindfulness in the Creative Process

“Keen mindfulness throughout daily activities – not just during periods of formal meditation – will help you develop your potential. You can learn from whatever is at hand. Whatever you do, notice how you are; whatever you are experiencing, contact your feelings, thoughts, and the quality of your inner environment.” – Tarthang Tulku, Hidden Mind of Freedom

For us, mindfulness is to be present to your own experience without making any judgments. Without wanting to change what is happening, we can notice and be aware of our thoughts and feelings, our surroundings and the sensations in our body.

We consider a mindful artist to be a person who applies mindfulness or similar practices to their creative process. If you feel a connection in your life to mindfulness practices and your creativity, we hope you submit your work.


How to apply

Artists and collectives working in any discipline including but not limited to canvas, wood panels, paper, digital prints, mixed media, visual art, and photography may apply.

The Mindful Art Gallery is committed to embracing and enhancing equality, diversity, inclusion, and access to arts and culture. We encourage applications from communities across racial, ethnic, geographic, socio-economic, cultural, age, gender, disability and sexual orientation spectrums.

If you are interested please fill out this form. There are no entry fees.

The submission deadline is Wednesday, July 31st.

Educational Material

As part of this program we are pleased to offer the artist community free access to a library of mindfulness resources. We hope this material can inspire your daily life and creative work.

Using these materials is not required to apply for the open call. We have made them available for free to artists as a token of gratitude for those interested in exploration of the concept of mindfulness.

Reach Out

The Mangalam Center embraces spiritual, secular, and integrated approaches to learning about our mind and ourselves, opening as many doors as possible to the means of healing and transformation.

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