Mindful Art Gallery

The Hidden Heart of Freedom
October 12th – November 9th, 2019

The Mindful Art Gallery will be open from October 12th to November 9th
Wednesday 3-6pm • Thursday 3-8pm • Friday 3-8pm • Saturday 12-5pm

We believe that art, when created with intention and mindfulness, can offer a deeper connection to states of peace, mindfulness and expansion of the mind. The creativity inside our hearts is the key to connecting to this world in a playful, non-reactive way. Freedom is tapping into our true hearts, which are spacious, expansive, and full of creative energy.

Mindful Art Gallery Opening

“The Hidden Heart of Freedom” gallery exhibit opening day: October 12th, 2019 from 6:00- 9:00 pm.  The exhibit will be open through November 9th. 

We are so grateful to have had so many submissions of wonderful and creative artists from around the world. We have selected about 30 artists and curated a lovely show to share with you all. 

The Mindful Art Gallery at the Mangalam Center, is featuring a group of artists who explore the intersection of mindfulness and creativity through their artwork. Bring your friends, partners, and family for an art exhibition and mindfulness experience – at an oasis of peace and contemplation.

Meet our featured artists and enjoy light refreshments on our opening day. There will be a live musical debut performance by the band Twin Freaks – a Berkeley based musical duo of anomalous sound fused together creating atmospheric experiences.

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About the Artists

Original artwork will be presented in diverse media outlets such as installations, video art, sculptures, painting, and digital art. 

Selected Artists

Annie Tull

Catherine Rose Crowther

Christine Meuris


Danielle Matthews

Eben Perry

Fei Yue

Giovanni Donelli

Grecia Rodriguez

Jodi Connelly

Johanna Porter

Kecya Felix Donnelly

Krisztina Lazar

Lutz Hornischer

Marli LaGrone

Melisa Moore

Michael Gordon

Neela Miller

Olga Guse

Olivia D’Orazi

Peter Wallis

Reggie Davis

Sabrina Lim

Sam Priven

Sara Gavryck-Ji

Scott Zagar

Serste (Serena Stelitano)

Sinéad Griffin

Suiko Betsy McCall

Weng San Sit

Mangalam Staff Artists

Amira-Sade Moodie

Nova Dominique

Ignacio Ercole

Exhibition Mission

We believe art and mindfulness enrich each other. The act of creating  has properties that you can find in mindfulness practices; the creative process itself can be a form of mindfulness and being mindful is creative by nature. Viewing art can inspire and shift a person’s consciousness. This is a gift to both the artist and the viewer. Creating more mindfulness in the community can heal and unite our society. 


Our goals:

  • To create an opportunity for artists to explore the connection between mindfulness and art and to explore that inner sense of freedom. 
  • To bring mindfulness and compassion to the community. 
  • Caring about art, is also caring about the artist. We hope to provide a space where artists can be given more space to share their work and vision and to have the opportunity to be financially supported.
  • To offer authentic and meaningful experiences for people through art and a shared belief that through art we know ourselves, each other, and the world, more deeply. 
  • Contribute to making and sharing mindfulness practices, arts and culture as they are integral to the lives of people living in our communities. Support innovation, experimentation, imagination and empathy through art.

Contemplation Room

As part of the exhibition, Mangalam will provide a contemplation room where you can take your time to be with what is. You are free to do your own practices or come to one of our free drop in’s for a guided meditation. 

Get Beautiful Works of Art

As part of the exhibition, artists are given the option to put their work up for auction, which will be available for silent bids up until the closing reception. Buying art is a chance to support artists and the work that Mangalam Center offers to the local community.


Please come to contribute to the momentum of the event. We are very happy to be providing this space and these beautiful works of art. 


To sustain this project we need financial support. Any amount would go a long way in helping us beautify and provide this contemplative space as a public resource to the local community. 


You can contribute in many different ways. 


If you are part of an organization who can benefit from sponsorship, please take a look at our sponsor offers: https://mangalamcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/mindful-art-gallery-sponsor-packet-1-1.pdf

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