Mindful Art Project

What does mindfulness mean to you? Can you be fully present while creating artwork?

We believe art can be a pathway to mindfulness. Creating art can be a meditation, and viewing art can open the mind and create a shift in experience. This is a gift to both the artist and the viewer.

We believe that art, when created with intention and mindfulness, can offer a deeper connection to states of peace, mindfulness and expansion of the mind. What is the hidden heart of freedom? It is what is inside all of us, the freedom to relate to the world in a playful, non-reactive way. Freedom is tapping into our true hearts, which are spacious, expansive, and full of creative energy.

We want artists to explore the connection between mindfulness and art. To have an experience of being present while creating art, to access that inner sense of freedom, and then have a space to share that experience and art with the community. This is an opportunity to express, create, and have an avenue to bring mindfulness and healing to our community.

We envision a gallery of art that is an oasis of peace and contemplation in downtown Berkeley.