Center for Creative Inquiry


The Center for Creative Inquiry was founded in 2000 to explore alternate forms of knowledge and inquiry and their potential to bring about fundamental change at the individual, cultural, and social level.


Cutting across disciplines, CCI aims to identify and challenge basic assumptions that limit the methodologies we use, the styles of knowing available, and the knowledge we can discover. The creative inquiry approach is interactive, experiential, cooperative, and engaged. Never defined in advance, creative inquiry is also just plain fun: stimulating, surprising, and always new.

Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International


Dedicated to reviving the Buddhadharma in India


Light of the Buddhadharma Foundation International was founded in 2006 by the Venerable Tarthang Rinpoche, Head Lama of Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center. Its founding purpose is to revitalize the Buddhadharma in India. We accomplish this goal by supporting pilgrimages and religious ceremonies, supporting the preservation and restoration of shrines and cultural artifacts, supporting research into the understanding of texts, practices and symbols of Buddhism, and by promoting mutual respect among all beings through the worldwide cooperation of men and women of good will.

MRC Logo

Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages


Mangalam Research Center (MRC) conducts ongoing research into the terminology of the Buddhist written tradition in canonical languages and in translation.


Our programs, classes, and studies are designed to trace issues related to key Dharma terminology in Sanskrit, Pāli, Gāndhārī, Tibetan, and Chinese, and to encourage work in the field of translation studies and the intellectual and historical resources of the West.


Tsethar International


Our vision is a world in which all animals are respected and cared for with kindness, so that they may live out their natural lives, free of suffering, and free of the threat of slaughter.


Our mission is to free animals that are destined for slaughter, to educate the public about animal liberation and the preciousness of life, and to promote a plant-based diet. In English, the best translation for tsethar is animal liberation. Animal liberation is a traditional Buddhist compassion practice of freeing animals that are about to be slaughtered or are otherwise in imminent danger of death. Preserving life, no matter how small, is a highly meritorious act that counters negativity and awakens appreciation for all beings.

Other related organizations

Dharma College

Dharma College is committed to igniting personal and global transformation by helping people unlock the power of their minds. Our interactive classes, which are grounded in both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions, spark the insight students need to change stale mental patterns and make a stronger connection to the world. We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to participate, whether they are spiritual seekers or simply curious about the possibilities for new, transformative knowledge. As we develop greater understanding of mind and self, we become more balanced, authentic, and caring human beings. We hope you will consider joining us on this journey to a more meaningful way of life.

Tibetan Aid Project

Tibetan Aid Project rebuilds, preserves, strengthens, and perpetuates Tibet’s cultural and spiritual heritage for the benefit of the Tibetan people and all humanity. Our primary program is funding the production, shipment, and distribution of sacred texts, art, and prayer wheels for donation to institutions and individuals in the Himalayan region.