We the peaceful

We the peaceful

First there was Corona Virus, then there was the wave of police brutality that was caught on film and shared across the globe.

It is a chaotic time to be alive

Our interconnectedness is undeniable and yet we are out of sync with ourselves, with each other and with mother Earth. If the human race is one organism, we are currently punching ourself in the face. We are collectively experiencing a lot of pain at this moment in time and space.

I felt inspired to write this poem in light of our current reality.

Violence might make a lot of noise, but the nature of peace is that it is calm and quiet. It is always there, even when you can’t hear it.

May we open our hearts and our eyes so that we may collectively heal from our inherited traumas as a species. May be love ourselves deeply and unconditionally. May we love others as deeply as we love ourselves. May we love and respect our mother, Earth. May we be free from suffering and come together as one.

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